Sunday, 15 August 2010

Some Things I've Learned...

Although I'm pretty sure I'm the last person anyone should come to for advice I have learned a few things here and there. And at the risk of sounding preachy and a little bit like that graduation song I think I should share a bit. So in no particular order...

Perfection is impossible and if ever achieved is most likely the sign of either the most boring person in the world or mental instability. Seriously, bail. The perpetrator of said perfection is most likely that, a perpetrator and three steps from wearing your meat suit as their "special" time apparel.

It really is alright to have absolutely no idea what you're doing. Again, most likely not the best example, but I'm still pretty clueless about what I'm doing (and will be for the foreseeable future) but I'm not alone and the rest of the people in our club are pretty awesome. But in all seriousness, although you may have the greenest of jealousy towards those who have it all figured out, take a second, odds are, as long as you're still searching, you're having a pretty good time, aren't ya?

Having mentioned the above, don't take more than a few seconds past first impression introspection. Too long spent in this state will lead to the deepest depression you will ever enter. I don't care if you have more self-esteem than anyone alive and are a better person than Gandhi you will find something terrible inside there somewhere and it will eat at you. Everyone has a dark corner and a string of embarrassing thoughtless moments. Take it from someone who spends way too much time at this particular activity (both the introspection and the thoughtless embarrassment). After about 10 minutes I'm completely sure I'm a totally worthless and terrible person and all I wanted to do was investigate the root of my blueberry dislike. (Still not sure why I abhor blueberries.)

Again, having mentioned embarrassing thoughtless moments... have 'em. I know they are terrible, I do nothing but have antagonizing ruminations about them forever afterward... seriously, my thoughtless moments bother me more than is healthy and I never seem to learn from them but I know deep down they are worth something. Whether they're just plain character building or character identifying with regards to the people you surround yourself with, I know they make me a person, a real person, which is extremely important to me. I could fill a tome with my mistakes but barely fill a page with my regrets.

Have as many issues as you like. I am mental. There are good and bad numbers, did you know that? Some just look mean. Like 9. Very unfriendly, just looks aggressive. If I'm in a room with a few things out of place I have to fix them all. Like if the picture on the wall is crooked, the rug is part rolled and a figurine is part turned I have to fix it. But my room is a mess you say... I know If the whole place is out of sync, then it's supposed to be. That becomes it's order. But that makes no sense you say? Of course it doesn't, I'm as mad as a hatter.

Travel as much as humanly and fiscally possible. Some of my best times have been spent outside both the country of my birth and of my residence. Travel is the best education I've ever had and I've attended some fairly quality educational institutions. And although you should never do anything that makes you feel unsafe, I highly recommend doing something that makes you feel uncomfortable. Some of my best nights started with forced attendance and anxiety.

Surround yourself with great people. This doesn't mean much description wise. Your type of great people won't be my type of great people. But "great people" are easily identified. They are the ones with whom you can spend hours without any additives and love every minute. Some of my funniest moments have been spent completely sober just sitting in a room with my friends. I've laughed my ass off for hours on a train of all places because I was with "great people". I consider my collection of "great people" to be one of my greatest life achievements.