Monday, 7 December 2009

Old FB Posts... 25 things about me...

1. I am deeply, constantly and uncontrollably sarcastic. I can’t help it. I am also the perpetrator of deadpan sarcasm, which makes the consistency of my sarcastic replies even worse. I think most people find me funny, I know my father thinks this makes me an asshole. P.S. I am actually never serious when I do this, no, seriously, I’m not.

2. I love words. They are beautiful. I love how they look, how they sound different depending on the person, even if its said wrongly. They don’t even have to be words I understand. I love words.... except for "Maths"... are you kidding me?!? That abbreviation is already plural, you silly twats!

3. I read A LOT, pretty much all the time. It really doesn’t matter what it is. Most of the time it is escapist romance or something ridiculously comical but I will read anything. Also books make me feel better. Just sitting in a good library makes me giddy and don’t even get me started on bookstores, they are joyously dangerous places.

4. I am a very very moody person (it maybe the hair). Those moods also have the ability to change quite swiftly. I think it is necessary to now mention my love of meds and their fabulous abilities....

5. I love music. I never sit in a quiet room if I can help it. I always have a charged iPod, if not then I have a charged iPhone. Not that silence annoys or bores me, I actually find it quite beautiful in the right place (I grew up in the country) but there is always a song or a lyrical story that I haven’t heard yet. This upsets me.

6. I believe that people should be broken. So does my best friend, which is one of the reasons I love her but I mean it in a different way. The joy we live though does little to define us, even though happiness is a necessity to the formation of ourselves, the pain we live through makes us who we are and how we handle the world, in every aspect. I firmly believe that love cannot exist without hate and joy is meaningless without sorrow.

7. I live in a country I wasn’t born in. I believe that travel is the best learning tool, period. To know anything about life you have to live it in every way possible. Right now I’m living it English, tomorrow, who knows?

8. I am both deeply upset and joyously reassured by change.

9. I abhorrently hate both blueberries and fish.

10. I am terrified by snakes, seriously, to the point of immobility. Just thinking about them uber creeps me out and I’m not entirely sure that there aren’t any under me at this exact moment.

11. I dream of being a little housewife. I fully believe in women’s rights and that all people should be treated equals. In my mind they are and always have been but I think the most important thing about this is my ability to choose my own life. Women fought to give me that choice and I choose to be a subservient housewife. You wanna fight about it, huh?

12. I want kids; the more the merrier and preferably with little cute Scottish accents, just like their unbelievably hot (as of yet nonexistent) daddy.

13. I am a judger. Most of the time I don’t really mean it but if I looked like that in those pants or sounded that stupid, I would expect someone to say something. I demand that from my friends. However, you better be able to defend your position.

14. I love to laugh. I constantly surround myself with people who can make me laugh. A good laugh makes life worth it but then again so does a good cry.

15. I have a thing with numbers. Some are good numbers and some are bad. Like the number 15 good number; 17, however, is a dick. It is mostly odds I hate, unless it is the multiples of 5, they make sense.

16. I am an American. I’m also a Pennsylvanian. I’m quite proud of both those things.

17. I hate (serious) ignorance, in all its definitions (the country people know what I mean), from stupidity to soul deep meanness. I believe that all prejudice is deeply routed in ignorance and I hate it. I find its existence to be fundamentally vexing and pointless.

18. I am not PC in anyway, I am not, however, prejudice against anyone; even if I sound like it sometimes. Everyone has an undeniable right to live freely in anyway they choose; even that ignorant asshole beside me, having said that I am allowed to beat him when he takes action against how I choose to live.

19. I like pain. Not all pain obviously, I really doubt I would relish broken bones and knife wounds; I crave good pain and actually find it quite relaxing.

20. History is always beautiful, even when it’s ugly. I dislike new places and living somewhere that is story-less. I'm also a fan of tradition and heritage, I find them reassuring.

21. Occasionally, I have to reign in my judgment of people with weak minds, that mental lack of strength, it fundamentally annoys me.

22. I love the dark. I function well in shadow. I find it comforting and full of wonderful possibilities. It is new and clean to me.

23. I like to be cold. And I love winter. I am happier in the winter than in the summer. I physically feel better as well. It baffles people but those places with weeks of winter darkness sound like my version of heaven on earth.

24. My friends and family really are the most important thing in my life. I know everyone says this but I’m serious. There are people in this world that I would actually die without; which is petrifying but something I am eternally grateful for.

25. I grew up in the most beautiful place in the world, literally. When asked, ‘What is the most beautiful place you’ve ever been?’ I always say home. There is no contest in my mind.

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