Monday, 7 December 2009

Old FB Posts... Why I Dream

I am fully aware that I sleep all the time. I am quite fine with it, no one else seems to be but most of the time I just tell people to piss off. This is a half-piss-off-half-explanation note. I'm sure all of you dream. Actually I know for a fact that you all indeed do dream. Even if you say you don't that just means you can't remember/you should get that shit checked, medically, cause your sleep is poor quality. Not the point and I shall now return from tangent land.

If you can't remember your dreams I feel very sad for you. I get rare glimpses into your minds all the time and I am sure all of your dreams would be crazy, beautiful, horrid places filled with tragic and ridiculous people and stories. Knowing some of you they would often be tragic and ridiculous simultaneously. Moving on.

I can sleep for very long periods of time. I have never actually slept for a full day but I have made it 23 hours before. I am aware that is werid. I also get that it’s uber creepy that I feel better when I’ve slept through the day than if I’d slept through the night, but I do physically just feel better.

Now to part of the reason why… I have soap operas in my head. Soap opera may be a poor choice of words, they are a lot better acted than soap operas but considering that the longest running one started when I was roughly 10 years old, soap opera fits better than comedy-drama TV. It is actually pretty great. I have most of my favorite genres. One is in fact a comedy-drama but there is also a sci-if that occasional becomes horror, a romance, an action-adventure, and another one that always gets shady immediately after I wake up but I’m pretty sure it’s just your normal everyday dream world run-on. I’m usually in those (then again, technically speaking I am in all of them).

I rarely write about them. I've tried but the last time I did, I sadly didn’t have the talent to do them any justice and then that opera dream went on an abnormally long dream hiatus. It was scary and even though I know I am completely irrational I’m afraid if I ever do get it right they will go away completely.

I do have normal dreams too, the ones I tell people about, that are what dreams are. I rarely tell anyone about the opera dreams. I’ll sum some for you but I really suck at summaries just ask anyone who has asked me what a movie’s about.


Noko lives in the sci-if one. She does the craziest shit, or perhaps I should say she has to do the craziest shit because of everything that has happened to her. She has yet to get completely through the bugger-boo issue. Bugger-boos are these really evil night creatures, sort of like nasty fairies that kidnap people. We have yet to figure out exactly what they do with the people but there is a lot of evidence to support that they are killing them in order to use their flesh as sustenance. Bugger-boos hate the light, any light, so to not draw attention to your house you have to turn out all your lights at night. It sounds like the opposite of what you want to do but you really don’t want to piss those little fuckers off. However, Noko and her family didn’t really take the town warnings as seriously as they should have when they moved in so they are now the official targets of the bugger-boo’s, well, most likely not official, I doubt the bugger-boos have meetings about this sort of thing.

Noko has a lot of family, rather unusual for the sci-if genre. They usually have loner-ish type heroines. She is pretty, very dark, predominately Native American but no particular tribe, mainly because I can’t do Native American tribes by sight. She not too recently met Gunner in this bugger-boo town. He is fairly hot and the jury is still out but he maybe a were or perhaps a shifter. He also has multiple brothers who are very easy on the eyes.


Lily has issues. We are talking all types of fucked up. She was a model, at a very early age. She is still in her early 20’s but she had to quit modeling because of this weird medical disorder that her extremely tacky/intensely annoying mother passed to her. Her latest medical issue is that she lost her front teeth. Which, much to my annoyance she has yet to fix. Thank god she usually has her mouth closed. Her loan shark/bookie enforcer dude has been slowly falling in love with her for years now. He just bought her this really beautiful watch with this engraving on it to help her “keep time” with her payments. Like loan shark enforcers actually do that shit. Lily is brain numbingly naïve but not stupid she is trying to pay her tuition and support her habit of thieving ex-boyfriends. Fortunately, the enforcer, who in her head is always just called the enforcer, is rather hot for an extremely large black man and, being an enforcer, he likes to beat people into missing persons. Lily oddly, has yet to notice that the last thieving ex-boyfriend has gone completely missing. She does know the one before that has yet to turn up, the lovely police officers who came to visit her have yet to call with any new developments in the case.

Lily’s college advisor is a complete nutter. She is this weird Julie Andrews type character who enjoys tripping over everything, including the latest totally cracked out outfit she is wearing. She is more of a crazy grandmother figure than anything else. She is fairly awesome.


That has been my lovely over share. Oddly detailed but I’m sure you get the feel. This is why I sleep. I swear to you that all of you are just as, if not more interesting than the running reel in my head but my head is a pretty awesome place as well. I get to be an intense Native American fighting random things with a, well, pretty much a Viking god and a seemingly past her prime medically and somewhat socially fucked up model. And these are just the two fresh in my mind.

So here comes the (non-harsh) piss off part of the note. You may think I’m lazy or perhaps even cardinally sloth but my head has better movies than On Demand and right now at least two of my opera dream characters are getting laid.

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