Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Missing Soaked in Sadness

I am overjoyed that my beloved Countess is currently sleeping peacefully above my head... at least I do hope it is the sleep of the peaceful, the creaking noises could be her or the house. It is quite old, by American standards of house age at least. Regardless of the architectural groans, the Baroness and Countess are joyously together in one abode for the time being and for that I give thanks.

But alas, life can never be completely perfect or at least not to my eternal greediness. I believe we can only ever be content, not perfect. The sadness creeps into my heart because we, warmly ensconced in the frozen north, are missing our beloved Duchess. She shall soon be traipsing across the ocean to bask in academia and hopefully, men outfitted in tweed. We have only just left her southernly abode and already I am missin' her somethin' dreadful.


  1. We three shall be together soon and then nothing in this world can stop us. We are a force we three.