Sunday, 28 November 2010

Passionless Skins

I am a champion at trying on different skins. It’s because I have no soul purpose, which is my soul heartbreak. I hate fake people because deep inside I am fake. I’m not an artist and I never will be. I’m not a writer and again, I never will be. I’m not a lot of things but when I see someone or surround myself with people who have a ambitious focus on their dream, I try it on for size. To be honest its not that I am in love with their dream, although I am genuinely interested and it will hold my focus for more than a little while. It’s their surety. I dream about being that sure about something, anything. I really wouldn’t care if I discovered my life goal was competitive basket weaving, at least I would be sure. I would know that basket weaving was what I was meant to do. The perfect fit, my soul purpose. I have no idea of my passion and it makes me a great big faker. And as much as I hate myself, I shall continue to be a poser from each calling to the next, a pointless, directionless, and wholly unsure being. But I suppose there are worse things then being a passionless poser… at least I’m not a mass murdering fuckhead.

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